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Chào mừng đến với website Trường THPT Trần Văn Dư - Huyện Phú Ninh - tỉnh Quảng Nam!

Những câu đố vui hay bằng tiếng Anh



Câu đố:

1. What month do soldiers hate?  

2. What clothing is always sad?

3. Why are dogs afraid to sunbathe?

4. What makes opening piano so hard?

5. What has nothing but a head and a tail?

6. Why is 10 x 10 = 1000 like your left eye?

7. What did the big chimney say to the little chimney while working?

8. How do we know the ocean is friendly?

9. What has three hands but only one face?

10. Which can move faster, heat or cold?

11. What weather do mice and rats fear?

12. Who always drives his customers away?

13. What is the longest word in the English language?

14. Why is the letter E so important?

15. Why is the letter R absolutely necessary to friendship?

16. What has four fingers and a thump but no flesh and bone?

17. Lucky Mouse fell off a 1000-step stairs and was not hurt, why?

18. Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired?

19. What do you drop when you need it and take back when you don’t?

20. What is higher without a head than with a head?

21. Where can you always find money?

22. What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

23. What word is pronounced, even by the best of scholars?

24. What will make more noise in your house than a dog?

25. What has ears but can not hear?  

26. What has a head and a foot but no body 

27. What has arms but can not hug?  

28. What animal do I expect if I throw a butter out of the window? 

29. What has a face and two hands but no arms, legs or head? 

30. What am I?
When I go up, you see the light, 
When I go down, you see the dark

31. What am I?
I'm better than the best thing
and worse than the worst thing

32. What am I?
I have two bodies
They both join in one
The stiller I stand
The faster I run 

33. What is always hot even if you put it in the refrigerator?

34. Women don't have it and don't want it. Men get it and think it's a good thing but sometimes they try to get rid of it. What is it?

35. Why is a Vampire like baseball?

36. Why does the Statue of Liberty turn to the ocean, not the land?

37. What am I? I'm as light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold me for long.

38. Welcome Halloween, let's move on with a Halloween riddle: What is the best subject of a witch in school?

39. Which word should be the odd, why? suspect - taste - race - dive - repay – drive

40. What am I?
      When I'm young, I'm tall.
      When I'm old, I'm short.
      When I live I'm hot.
       I live when it's off. 

Đáp án 

1.  March

2. Blue jeans

3. They don’t want to be hot-dogs.

4. All the keys are inside

5.  A coin

6.  It’s not right

7. You are too young to smoke

8. It waves

9. A clock

10. Heat, because you can catch cold

11.  When it is raining cats and dog

12. A taxi-driver

13. Smiles, because there is a mile between the beginning and the end of it.

14. Because it is the beginning of everything

15. Without it a friend will become a fiend

16.  A glove

17. He fell of the last step

18. Santa Claus

 19. An anchor

 20. A pillow

 21. In the dictionary

22. A black-board

23. Wrong

24. Two dogs

25. Corn (an ear of corn: 1 bắp ngô)

26. Bed

27.  Armchair

28. Butterfly.

29. A shirt

30. Eyes

31. Nothing

31. Because she's a photographer who took a photo of her husband 

32. Hourglass

33. Pepper / Chilli 

34. Beard

35. Because it relates to a bat.

36. -->  Because she's holding a torch and she's afraid of being burnt

     -->  Because she is the Statue of Liberty, she can turn to any direction she likes

37. I'm a breath

38. Spelling

39. Repay. Because it's just a verb. The others are both nouns and verbs

40. I am a candle.

(Sưu tầm bởi Ngô Thị Quỳnh Phương. Nguồn:


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